Use of Cotton ( Organic Cotton Gown )

Cotton Gown ( Designer - Paromita Das )


I have tried to give a different concept to evening gown which is relatively new and innovative. Keeping this in mind I have used Bengal Jamdani and Tripura tribal hand weaved cloth which makes this silhouette more unique. A true integration of western style with Indian hand made fabric makes this garment fashionable and unique from others Moreover, I have tried to highlight how we can make use of our cotton hand loom for making outfit that is not widely used to make such garment in a big way. This outfit has its uniqueness in many ways as it gives some message for clients who want to do something for a cause and help to keep the traditional weaving style alive. The major problem of the industry is that the weavers do not get adequate wages for their labors. As a result many weavers do not want their children to come to this profession.


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